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Heroes of Extinction is the story of Gabriel Cohan, aka the superhero True Strike. Gabriel has been a "super" since he was a teen. It's the only job he's ever known. He derives his powers from an alien collective called S.C.I.O. that bestow upon him his super strength, super speed, and ability to teleport. As Gabriel begins to celebrate his 50th birthday, he discovers that his powers are slowing down. The all-knowing S.C.I.O. informs him that it is time for him find his successor, someone young and pure of heart as he was.

But before Gabriel can come to terms with the possibility of hanging up his superhero identity, he unearths a plot to take out all the empowereds such as himself. Plus, a horde of poisonous half-animal / half-human creatures have been unleashed upon Metro Heights, destroying the city and slaughtering innocents with Gabriel's waning powers no longer reliable enough to fight them off. Can True Strike persevere through great personal loss, band together with the remaining heroes and villains to stop the mutants, discover who is behind it all, locate and train his successor, and save the world one last time?

The entire series of Heroes of Extinction will be released for digital download in early 2023, however we don't want you to have to wait any longer to begin enjoying it. Adventurous Ideas is pleased to offer you a free preview of Episode One entitled "Better Lust Than Never". And we will soon be telling you how you can become involved in the making of the series.

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                  "It's fantastic! I really felt drawn
        in and interested in the characters, I kept wondering what will happen next!"
                        - Mimi Doody

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         "It takes you on a journey,
   and develops characters in a way
that makes you excited for what’s to come."
                   - Amanda Richardson

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          "It definitely had a comic
   book vibe with the way it alternated
between the dialogue and the descriptions.
   The intro and the music pulled me right in.                   The villains stole the show for me."
                            - Christen Stovall

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