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Extinguished Worlds is an incredible story of a superhero with the power to time travel, but in his quest to avert an all-out alien war he has disrupted the timeline. Can he save the people he loves as well as the whole planet?

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After writing the eight episodes for the Adventurous Ideas audio series Extinguished Worlds, author Patricia Gilliam has adapted her scripts into a novelization entitled What Goes Around - Extinguished Worlds: Book One. Within this novel you'll find more details and alternate scenes.

Follow Caleb (aka Fast Track) as he journeys through time to avert an alien invasion and to prevent the death of his loved ones. But in doing so Caleb discovers he may be destroying the timeline irreparably. Can he save the planet and the only family he's ever known?

Before the audio episodes are released take this opportunity to read the novel and meet the characters. It's a fantastic page turner! To order your book copy of Extinguished Worlds click HERE.

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