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Dark Park is a delightfully eerie and often thrilling anthology series presenting tales of strange happenings in mysterious old theme parks. Are the attractions coming to life? Is it good special effects or an actual alien encounter? Was that part of the ride always there? Why is virtual reality becoming less and less virtual? And is there a way out?

Filled with twists, turns, dead ends, laughs, chills, and unexpected characters, this series from Adventurous Ideas is one you are sure to enjoy, all while nervously looking over your shoulder.

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                    "I'm not typically a fan of
       the horror drama, so I was surprised
by how much this one drew me in."
            - Christen Stovall

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         "Rich with sounds that make
    you feel like you’re there and fun                         characters that will keep you glued to find                      out what happens next in the story."
                          - Butch Berry

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        "It really did remind me of the
   old radio shows that families would
     gather around the radio to listen to each                 week, just without commercials."
                            - Scott Atwood

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