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Jerry Cornell started Theme Parkology in 2007, with the hopes of educating theme park fans about the history of theme parks, exploring the many lands and attractions. He began with Disneyland 1955-1959 and followed it with Tinker Bell: The Story Behind the Pixie Dust. It was in this pixie documentary that he met the original Tinker Bell reference model for the 1953 animated film Peter Pan, Margaret Kerry. Margaret then introduced him to an array of people to interview such as Terri Hardin (Disney Imagineer), Bob Gurr (Disney Legend and Imagineer), and June Foray (voice over actress).

Theme Parkology began to take off. After several years Theme Parkology had spawned several documented categories of films including the Theme Park Series, Attraction Series, Forgotten Attraction Series, Dark Ride Series, Ride-Thru Series, The Land Series, and Theme Parkology Presents Series.These unique series shared the history and love for the many theme parks with most of the DVDs covering Disneyland related lands and attractions.


In 2020, Jerry decided to create a new streaming page on his Theme Parkology website. This streaming page became home to the many interviews that Jerry conducted and were grouped into several tabs including;


The Audio Shows which featured such charming shows as Do You Like Fun Facts, The Magic Behind the Ears, The Adventures of… Podcast and Voicing Your Talent.


The Kingdom Stories shared several short shows as Moments with Bob Gurr, The Secrets of Disneyland, Legendneers, and Dining at the Mouse House.


Televisions and Films which highlighted various actors in such series as Tales Behind the Screen, Aquatasy, Boo Grown Up, and Berrylandia.


All About Theme Parkology which focused on the world of the company with two shows entitled Trailers and Diz Con.


It was during the editing of a series called Dark Park that Jerry began to realize that the audio show could blossom into an entire series worthy of its own website. Within a few short weeks he came up with an idea for a new audio series entitled Heroes of Extinction. This new audio drama consisted of a large voice over crew and a detailed eight episode script.


More ideas began to emerge and he sought out several talented writers to assist in creating his story ideas. He is developing several new shows with his best friend C. Andrew Nelson. Together they have formed Adventurous Ideas, LLC and are developing and producing over twenty-five new audio shows.


Jerry is currently editing for both Theme Parkology and Adventurous Ideas, LLC, and continues to create and assist in fellow friend’s projects. 



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