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Phran Gauci (SAG/AFTRA and AEA) is an established professional actor and voiceover artist with years of experience in the entertainment industry. Originally from San Francisco, a child of Maltese immigrants, Phran’s roots are in theatre, doing plays and musicals. After college, she landed a voiceover job with a radio drama and she was hooked!

“My passion for voiceover work comes from my love of the theatre. My multitude of characters, voices and dialects stem from my theatrical background, giving my director’s creativity free reign.”

Phran has been a spokesperson/principal voiceover actor for Disney, Delta Airlines, Universal Studios, McDonalds, Nickelodeon, Publix, Time Warner, Martin Marietta, Tupperware, United States Army, cruise lines, award ceremonies, children’s programming, and animation.

In addition to v/o and theatre work, Phran has had a 31-year career with Walt Disney World. Her first show at WDW was the Hoop Dee Doo Revue, and various roles in conventions/events and voice overs. 

She displayed her storytelling ability through her time doing street theatre with SAK Theatre at Epcot and around the United States and Canada.

Returning to WDW at Pleasure Island, she performed at the Comedy Warehouse and the Adventurer’s Club. For the past 20 years she could be seen in the Magic Kingdom with the Citizen’s of Main Street, going back a century and leading the suffragettes in their right to vote! All the while, continuing with voiceover work.

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