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Mary Gibbs is an actress, performer, cinematographer and entrepreneur. She is most known for her role as Boo in Monsters, Inc. when she was three years old. From there she went on to study anatomy and yoga which lead her to become the youngest yoga instructor to be hired at Corepower Yoga at the age of eighteen.

At the age of nineteen she invested in a 1974 VW bus which she transformed into an ice cream truck she called Peaceful Creations, naming the sundaes after peaceful figures from around the world. Although she left that business with her business partner in Colorado, she continued as an entrepreneur by diving deep into cinematography and visual effects.

Mary grew up with a story board artist for a dad at Pixar, so he taught her about the powers of storytelling from a young age. She translated this into her filming and editing skills when she produced videos for everything from restaurants to events.

As her journey progressed, she partnered with international DJ, Spaceman, and became a VJ, doing live visual effects for their Spaceman and Boo show where they performed under blacklight with a team of fire spinners.

Mary is simultaneously reconnecting to her roots as a voice actress, getting back in the recording studio for her first time since she was three years old, and making a comeback as Janessa Jenson in Heroes of Extinction.

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