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Gwen is a 22-year-old genderfluid up & coming voice actor who has been a part of the Ingrid the Plague Doctor comic dub as the voice of Amber on YouTube, directed by That Busy Boi. They will also be the main character Billie who is non-binary for the video game Parallel Hearts created by Julia Tobias. They were part of a small commercial for their college Diablo Valley Community College or DVC for short.

Gwen studied Acting at DVC under Lisa Drummond (Theater/On Camera Acting, Musical Theater), Tara Maginnis (Stage Makeup) Nicole Hess-Diestler (Acting), and Will Springhorn (Stage Combat).

Ever since they were little, they fell in love with the world of animation and voice acting. Once they found out they could be a part of that world, they were ecstatic! Gwen received inspiration from Pixar, Disney, DreamWorks, and a show by the name of Steven Universe whose creator is non-binary named Rebecca Sugar.

At the end of high school, Gwen felt a little scared that the world of voice acting wouldn't be accepting of who they were. But they didn't let that stop them and kept trying, learning, and auditioning, which landed them in the roles mentioned up above. Their main goal is to be an inspiration to kids and others by giving them a character to relate to and find comfort in. Just as Gwen found themselves through the many shows and movies over the years.

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