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Eric was born in Upland, California to the parents of Gene and Effie Walker. In 1972 his family moved to the San Fernando Valley city of Sherman Oaks where his father worked as senior programmer analyst for the Sunkist orange company.


It was always his mother Effie's dream to get her children into acting. The break finally paid off, when Eric was chosen out of a group of kids at age six to be in a Jack In The Box commercial. On February 6, 1976, it was cut short by the death of Eric's mother. Having nothing but his mother's dream, Eric bugged his dad to get him into acting for the next four years. Finally his sister Teressa came up with the idea to ask a friend that she went to school with who was into acting, for a couple of agents phone numbers. She called a couple of them and the first agent she called signed Eric.


Some of his earlier credits include:the television series Webster as the football player, Having It All with Dyan Cannon as Peter her nephew, and Little Spies for Walt Disney. Eric's big break came when George Lucas cast him in the lead role of Mace Towani in the spin off to the Star Wars Saga, Caravan of Courage: The Ewok Adventure. Since then he has appeared in the films Less Than Zero, She's Out of Control, And You Thought Your Parents Were Weird, and the television shows The Marshall Chronicles and Miracle Alley. In 1992, Eric formed his own production company, Starlight Entertainment, and is working on several television and film projects.

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